International superstar DJ Steve Aoki has a pizza chain called PizzAoki that serves up delicious New York style pizza, and he's getting ready to open up in Boise!

According to the @pizzaoki Instagram account, T"he EDM legend @steveaoki taking pizza to the next level and bringing it to Boise, Idaho. Get your PizzAoki delivered soon!"

Steve Aoki is such an interesting dude... He's a superstar DJ who is known for throwing giant cakes into crowds at shows, being super eccentric and now apparently he's known for pizza! And the pizza looks... DELICIOUS!

We're pretty lucky here in the Treasure Valley when it comes to our pizza options... From Pie Hole to Idaho Pizza Company, Flying Pie, Smoky Mountain and many more cool local options. And even though we're a smaller city, we're still big enough to have all the pizza chains, including my favorite chain, Papa John's, who recently introduced their own stuffed crust and it is delicious.

As for PizzAoki, there likely won't be a sit down restaurant any time soon but it will be available for delivery. It's pretty cool now that we have options like Crave Delivery, which serves up food from restaurants that we don't have here in the Treasure Valley, right to your home. I've had the Tokyo Hot Chicken from Crave Delivery and it was probably the most delicious fried chicken I've ever had in my life but a warning... If you get it spicy, it... is... SPICY. It's just awesome that despite the crazy times we're living through, we still have plenty of tasty food to eat.

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