It seems Starbucks is ready to release a new secret menu frappuccino that may be just as successful (and hated by the baristas) as the Mermaid FrappuccinoDragon Frappuccino and Unicorn Frappuccino! Baristas hated making these limited time only creations because of the colored powder that was used. They say it stains EVERYTHING and their hands, clothes, and hair were multi-colored by the end of their shifts.

The main body of the drink is said to be "green caramel apple powder" and the top will be pink to resemble brains.

Just like the other secret menu obsessions, the Zombie Frappuccino will only be available for a limited time. Word is, it will launch on October 26 at Starbucks locations nationwide and only be available through Halloween day, October 31.

If the rumors are true, will you try it??

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