What a scary experience for the dog owner, and a horrible experience for the dog. A few days ago a German shorthaired pointer dog was bit by a rattlesnake, and it happened near Kuna.

The story was first reported by our friends at KTVB, and details how the dog named Toad was running around enjoying his time ourside when he was bit five times.

Unfortunately, Toad was attempting to play with the snakes just before the snake attacked. His owners took him to their veterinarian but the venom was already setting in. Which was causing Toad to bleed from his lips and gums.

The bites to the dog took place on both sides of his face and multiple times in the legs. The good news is that Toad is working toward recovery now, but his owners want everyone to be on the lookout.

Idaho Fish and Game are saying the same thing, be careful taking your dogs in the foothills or desert. Keeping your dog on a leash is the best advice they have to avoid rattlesnakes.

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