Know what's a fun and exciting way to spend your Friday night? Scrolling through Groupon hoping to find a deal you can afford so that next Friday night you aren't wasting away on your couch again scrolling through your phone. Always one for fun, I did this and now have a handy little list of deals to perk up whatever is left of summer.

Fly High Boise has a 31% off deal right now that gets you at minimum one hour of jump time for just under $10. If you're looking to book a 2 hour birthday party for up to 10 people, you can get 22% off and spend $170 instead of $220.

If your teeth are starting to look professionally yellowed like mine (too much coffee. I can't quit!), Lucid Day Spa is offering 50% off three 20 minute UV Light teeth whitening sessions. You're looking at spending $125 instead of $250.

Who says you can't get your summer body by fall? 2 months of Cross Training, Barre, Yoga-Pilates, and TRX classes will run you $69 instead of $218 at Kaia FIT. Any time a deal is over 50% off I feel like a winner. This one is 68% off.

Never too late to get your kids active in an extra curricular activity. My son does Jiu-Jitsu but for 50% off I should get him into some classes at Boise Cities Krav Maga. $39 off $79 of classes.

This one isn't fun, but it's definitely useful. For $12 Cascade Auto Glass will give you $100 toward glass repair. I literally just got a chip in my windshield because of course I did. I be driving these Idaho streets. I know I'm not the only one rolling around with cracked glass.


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