Having babies does strange things to us.  The hormones make us laugh harder, cry more, and we gain the heightened ability to sniff out the cause of a foul odor a mile away.

And sometimes we want to stay connected to the new-mom experience so badly that we will do anything to immortalize it.  And that includes turning breast milk rock hard so it becomes hard as a gem, and can hang on a necklace.  Check this out.

Some reasons to save the breast milk and turn it into jewelry:

To remember the challenges and rewards of the process

It's the hot new thing instead of bronzing your baby's shoes

It marks a moment in your life you'll never get back

Whatever the reason, lots of moms are starting to set aside a few tablespoons of breast milk, mail it in to a vendor, wait a few weeks, and miraculously get a pendant back with a mysterious glossy white gem on the chain, that used to be liquid that shot out of your boobs.  How in the heck did they do that?  It's kind of like that "Yada, yada, yada" episode on Seinfeld.  Who knows what really happens during the "yadas," but the end result is pretty cool.

I breast-fed my daughter for ten months, and by the end of it I was so ready to be done I wanted no sign of pumps, bra pads, or those little plastic sacks used to freeze it.  I was exhausted with it.  But now that I'm far removed from those days, it might be kinda nice to have a momento around my neck to mark the victory over it.  Would you do it?

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