Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. Snapchat. What a crazy, unrealistic snapshot into other people's lives. Just a moment in time when the kids are cute, the house is spotless, and photos of me are at the acceptable angle!
Social media is the highlight reel of some people's lives, where everything looks so perfect. And we are sooo not perfect. What would it really look like to be transparent and show the world the reality of our lives??
So, I present to you: ‪#‎itsokfriday

Credit: Nicole Hanks/Townsquare Media Boise

Here is a photo of a garbage bag that has been sitting on my kitchen floor for 3 days. I should go put it out in the garage, which is not that far from this very spot. But, I just haven't. Dinner, baths, grocery shopping, homework, all came first this week. And, I'm ok with it.  It's ok to not be perfect and a slight hot mess!
I invite you to share your own #itsokfriday! Post your photo on our Facebook page and don't forget the hashtag, #itsokfriday.