The weather outside isn't exactly frightful, the fire isn't really on yet but we don't have any place to go. Well, we can in our social distancing world if destiny moves us. I guess you could say let it snow! Let it snow!

This is what we love about living in Idaho, snow. Summers are great too but it's just so beautiful with a nice powdered coat and outfit change. Yes, it's time for scarves, hats, jackets, and everything you've been waiting for on Instagram to look.

The weather forecast according to everyone is saying the same thing. Snow is coming and will continue to fall through next weekend. Now, will we be overcome by snow to the point we can't leave? We already don't leave! I wanted to write this article to gives you a heads up on planning. Have you shopped for Christmas yet? Were you planning to do things after maybe church on Sunday or you could be off on Monday. Be careful.

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I pulled up the extended forecast to find that snow will begin falling in the Treasure Valley on Sunday. That doesn't end and the forecast only goes out to next weekend. We can expect snow every day starting on Sunday and it might leave for a while. The chances continue to move but it's snowing on Sunday with a 70% chance and will continue up and down all week.

If you can't stand shopping or being outside during this time of year I would get shopping done now. The mess comes this weekend. I'm just being your boy and trying to tell you how drivers act. People forget how to navigate when a snowflake hits the ground. Plus, it's a pandemic?

Get me out early!

I also wrote an article in the first week of November and this was predicted. See for yourself below.

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