Idaho's Happiest Barn

Anyone who's set foot in Idaho can attest to the state's quirkiness, especially as it pertains to its distinctive barns.

Over the past few years, social media has contributed to the increasing popularity of Idaho's beautiful one-of-a-kind barns, making them a hit nationwide and even globally. And like the good neighbors we are, Idahoans are proud to welcome visitors and eager showcase our state's rustic rural charms.

Idaho's Many Roadside Oddities

If roadside oddities intrigue you, it's high time you add the smiling barn in Whitney to your Idaho bucket list.

Less than five hours away from Boise, the smiling barn is one of the state's most celebrated landmarks that has attracted curious locals and tourists from around the country for over thirty years.

Scroll on for the story behind Idaho's happiest-looking barn.

The Fascinating Story Behind Idaho's Smiling Barn

Being one of the state's most bizarre and beloved landmarks, Idaho's smiling barn has attracted curious locals and tourists from around the country. But do you know the story behind the barn's smile?

Gallery Credit: Ryan Antoinette Valenzuela

Barns of Idaho: a PBS production

Featured prominently in a PBS Outdoor Idaho Program titled "Barns of Idaho," the story of the Whitney Smiling Barn was featured in the production.

Unique barns have been part of Idaho's history since the early days of pioneer settlement. Farmers and ranchers have always relied on these structures as a place to house their animals, store harvested crops, and protect their equipment from harsh weather conditions.

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With time, these barns evolved from simple structures to key architectural landmarks that define many of Idaho's rural areas, adding beauty and aesthetic appeal to the state. Even as today's farmers switch to more modern methods, these unique barns still hold a special place in Idahoans' hearts.

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