If loving Americanized Mexican food is wrong...

we don't want to be right. We're not in it for the authenticity, we're in it for the burritos, not a history lesson. We don't have time to look into our own ancestry, let alone the lineage of the quesadilla.

For us, Taco Tuesday is as much as about the Chihuahua cheese and fresh-made tableside guac as it is about not having to do dishes that night.

Ain't nothin' like the goodness of a bacon & egg breakfast burrito, baby. 

If you think the fine folks at Washington Burrito in Lynnwood, Los Betos or El Mariachi Loco in Boise turn their nose up at our business, think again. They welcome us with open tables, piping hot refried beans and chips, flour tortillas, and chicken tenders for our picky kids.

If we wanted authentic Mexican cuisine, we'd be whippin' up homemade chilaquiles and ceviche like Enrique Olvera. But we don't. We're in it for the sour cream, the salsa, and the sugary buzz only an ice-cold horchata can bring.

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Never Eat These 13 Dishes at Mexican Restaurants In Washington & Idaho

If it hits the spot and gets us out of cooking on Taco Tuesday, it's all good, y'all.

As for the gallery below, we're just messengers poking fun at finicky foodies too classy to get down with a bowl of queso.

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23 Things Banned from Washington & Idaho Trash Cans

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12 Unusual Car Parts Washington Thieves Steal The Most

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