Sometimes we see them flying around the neighborhood and they get caught in trees and bushes.  But should those plastic grocery bags be banned?  They sure make good trash can liners.

Here's what Idaho lawmakers are doing about them.

There are no Idaho cities or towns that currently ban the plastic bags, but they are illegal in places like Hawaii.

The Idaho House voted this week to make it illegal for cities here to impose bans on plastic grocery bags, and if the measure passes then the locals would have to ask the state for permission to put plastic bag restrictions in place.  The Senate is also going to weigh in before anything is final.

I don't know about you, but as a mom, I have a million uses for those things!  Trash can liner, lunch sack for the park, wet bathing suit holder, dirty clothes bag, rag sack, holder of dog poop from the yard, missing sock catch-all, stopper of leaks in the 5-pound flour sack, and the list goes on an on!

We'll keep you updated.

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