New Year, New You

With the 2023 New Year fast approaching, social media is once again buzzing with unsolicited advice and old go-to resolutions!

For the most part, we get it. A lot of us feel inspired by the prospects of a fresh start. We're psyched to embrace new and healthier habits. Some of the most common resolutions include:

  • Be more present with family & friends
  • Stick to a budget
  • Be more patient with the kids
  • Get in shape
  • Get organized
  • Stop smoking or drinking
  • Make amends
  • Embrace kale

Resolutions & Idaho

If you think about it, Idaho was made for New Year's resolutions. Just going off the list above, the Gem State is filled with opportunities to start and sustain better habits!

When it comes to family matters, for example, Idaho is a family-first state through and through. From the festival grounds to the campgrounds, Idahoans love family-friendly events and opportunities.

If getting in shape or connecting with the great outdoors is high on your list of resolutions, PT is free in our home state. A quick glance at our AllTrails app tells us Idaho has just over 1,400 hiking trails!

New Year, New...Vocabulary?

But enough about the typical New Year's resolutions. This year the social media influencers/powers that be say we need to stop using some of our favorite words and catch phrases in 2023. And some of their suggestions have us scratching our heads.

Scroll on for a gallery of words and phrases Idahoans might want to consider dropping in 2023!


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