NEW YEAR'S EVE in boise

Boise, Idaho. New Year's Eve is just days away!

Has bar-hopping lost its luster? Are you looking for a family-friendly way to celebrate the start of a new year? Maybe you want a New Year's experience that's far off the beaten path?

If you're looking for a niche way to ring in 2023, why not go to prison?

OLD IDAHO penitentiary

Say what?! You heard us right. The Old Idaho State Penitentiary is hosting a spectacular tour this New Year's Eve. An absolutely singular experience, the night features a guided tour of one of Idaho's most treasured historic sites.

The Old Idaho Pen opened its infamous doors in 1870. Of its storied history, the Idaho Historical Society writes,

During its 101 years of operation, the site saw escapes, scandals and the effects of Boise’s transition from the “wild west” to a mid-20th century capital city.


But, wait! Like an OxiClean commercial, there's more! According to Boise State Public Radio, the iconic slammer is haunted with the restless souls of 130 former inmates.

And where there's restless souls in Idaho, there's Big River Paranormal Society! Hosted by BRPS, the New Year's Eve tour is actually a paranormal investigation!

Accompany the Gem State's premier ghost hunting society as they explore and attempt to connect with inmates past in the Old Idaho Pen. Reservations are filling up fast! Book your New Year's excursion online here.

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