Maybe this has happened to you too this weekend.  You're in an actual store, holding a hot Christmas item in your hands, and you think, "Eh, I can probably find it cheaper online."  And you put the toy back and leave the store, and you don't find it cheaper online.  Christmas shopping crisis!

I put the last three Little Live Pets Bird Cages back on the shelf and left the store on Saturday, only to go home and find out all of the stores are out of stock online and if you do find those little talking birds in a cage, they're $20 more expensive online.  Whoops!

So I went back to the store and by that time the three that I had been holding in my hand were gone.  Sold out!  They were mine for a minute, but I am an idiot and released them!  So I went to another store that was supposed to have 9 in stock, and by the time I got there they only had 4.  I snatched up 3 of them and watched a dad of a 6-year old pick up the other one.

My girls have been asking for these things for weeks and put fifteen circles around them in the toy magazines so I would be sure to notice.  Apparently other kids are doing the same thing, right alongside the asks for the Frozen dolls and Ninja Turtle toys.

My BFF Abbi's comment after I told her the shopping story was, "Those things sound really noisy and annoying!"  She's probably right.  I'm going to have a chorus of fake chirping birds at my house.  But for now, I'm victorious!

The obvious moral of the story for me is, things aren't always cheaper online.  And also, that I still need to take a class on how to shop correctly.