From time to time I like to Google "famous people from Idaho." I know that's random, but I like checking if I see someone new. It's a fun bit of trivia for conversation with strangers or family and friends who don't live here. Always topping the list is Aaron Paul. It makes sense. He was half of one of the most iconic duos in television history. Breaking Bad ended nearly 8 years ago, but it's mark on pop culture is indelible. You know you can't hear "bitch" without thinking of Jesse Pinkman.

But I've already used him as an example a billion times. There is no one left in my life that doesn't know Aaron Paul hails from Emmett, Idaho. There's a comedian I like who happens to be from Idaho, but he's not mainstream enough for anyone to know him right off the bat. I tend to show them this so they know who I'm talking about. Even then, they usually still don't know who it is but at least they laugh. Deciding to get creative in my searches, I stumbled across my new favorite piece of Idaho trivia!

Playboy magazine's first ever African-American Playmate of the Year was born in Caldwell, Idaho. That's a huge accomplishment! The first black woman to be a centerfold for the magazine was Jennifer Jackson back in 1965. And the first to grace the cover was Jean Bell in 1970. But it wasn't until 1990 that an African-American woman took the title of Playmate of the Year, and we can thank Idaho native Renee Tenison for that.

As it turns out, she popped up in a ton of shows throughout the 90's according to IMDb. She had small parts in everything: Martin, Living Single, Married with Children, Family Matters, Judging Amy, and more. She even appeared in an episode of Fresh Prince of Belair, which funnily enough had an episode where Hillary Banks posed for Playboy and Hugh Hefner made a guest appearance. But she appeared in a different one.

It seems these days she lives in California based on my Instagram sleuthing. She also has a twin sister, Rosie, who did Playboy as well. She's gorgeous as ever and now you have something fun to tell people at parties.

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