I moved to Meridian in July of this year as I began Moug & Angie Mornings. The only thing I knew of my new city before I moved in is that my co-host (who arrived 7 months before me) lived there and that it was a nice town for raising a family based on what I'd heard from family friends who already lived in Idaho. Those two factors where all I needed to make the decision to settle in there versus somewhere else.

My life has been so busy with work and kids since I got here, that I've spent very little time exploring the town I call home. Not to mention the raging pandemic. It's hard to even know what's actually open and going on unless you know what to look for. And since I'm fairly new to Idaho, I don't know what to look for. I just tag along with work friends who know their way about the Treasure Valley when I have a chance. And even then, we tend to stay near work, which is in Boise.

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Cue the Hello Meridian Instagram account (@hellomeridian). Run by Natalie Plummer, this gem of a page is the go to for all happenings in Meridian and then some! I mean, the bio says it all:

Dedicated to discovering fantastic things about
Meridian & the entire Treasure Valley. 🖤
There's a reason Idaho is the best place in the USA to live.

Not only is the feed beautifully curated with incredible photos inviting you to learn more, fresh content is constantly being added so you're up to date on all the latest and greatest going on in Meridian and the Treasure Valley. Whether you see it on the story first, or discover it later in IGTV or Highlights, Plummer has created the ultimate social media hometown guide.

Boasting over 32 thousand local followers, seems like everyone knows about this page. But I only discovered it 2 days ago and the Treasure Valley is growing exponentially with newcomers. Hello Meridian is the friend that welcomes you and stays by your side. Give the page a follow and see for yourself everything you didn't realize you were missing right in your own backyard.


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