If you didn't get the chance to see the Fox TV show "The Grinder" before it got the cut last fall, then wow did you miss out. Based in Boise, it was stacked with so many great Hollywood Stars, Fred Savage aka Kevin Arnold, Mary Elizabeth Ellis, and the Grinder himself Rob Lowe. 

While the story was loosely based on a lawyer who practiced law in Ada County courthouses (Savage) his brother a famous actor who starred in his own court drama reminiscent of Law and Order called "The Grinder" returns home thinking that he should take up the family business. If he was a lawyer on TV then the gig can't be that hard right. WRONG. This show was hilarious! My family watched each episode and laughed our butts off, and it even garnered Rob Lowe a Golden Globe nomination.

Fiction now has met reality. Rob Lowe is in Boise and we have the IG post to prove it..

Rob Lowe
Credit: Instagram

We can't tell if he is here for an extended amount of time, or maybe just passing through. Even so, the series which was canceled by FOX and not yet picked up by any streaming networks, or other services created a ton of great word of mouth love about the City of Boise and the State of Idaho. Fred Savage had nothing but amazing things to say to Conan last year when he was doing press and was also seen sporting a Boise State cap on a red eye out to NYC after the finale of the show. Lowe isn't the only Celebrity who has sung the praises of our fair City. Aaron Paul from Breaking Bad, The Path, and movies still comes back. The Governator, Arnold Swartzeneger, Bruce Willis, Bill Gates, Demi Moore, Tom Cruise, Will Smith and Twilights Kristen Stewart. There are so many that take in the majestic sites and sounds of our great State and you can do your own search by scanning through this SITE. No wonder we keep making those best of lists. - JD

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