I stumbled upon a movie on Amazon Prime over the weekend called Georgia Rule. Right away I noticed the leading actresses as Felicity Huffman, Lindsey Lohan, and Jane Fonda. With that type of star power I figured I'd give it a try even though I had never even heard of the movie before. As a surprise, the movie is set in Idaho which is of great importance to the plot.

A troubled teen, Rachel (Lindsay Lohan) is shipped off for the summer by her mother, Lilly (Felicity Huffman) to live with her grandmother, Georgia (Jane Fonda) in a small town in Idaho. Of course, this is a nightmare for Rachel who's from California. It's funny to see the stereotypical differences between Idahoans and Californians play out a little bit even in this movie.

As Google Reviews further explains, "Georgia, the family matriarch, lives by a strict code and expects all under her roof to do the same. Given structure and purpose, Rachel's anger at the world begins to subside."

The movie is set in the fictional Idaho town called Hull. There were references made to Rexburg and Wallace so in my head I kind of placed the town of Hull somewhere in between there along the eastern border of the state. Most scenes looked like they could be Idaho but at the same time it was clear that this movie was all shot in California. After all, Idaho is the new California anyway right?

I found myself enjoying the movie pretty much through its entirety. If you're into Lifetime movies then Georgia Rule is right up your alley. It's basically that just with a higher paying cast.

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