I was talking to a couple ladies at work & realized that not everyone has staple recipes for their holiday feasts. So I've decided to share some of mine.

Getty Images - Marco Di Lauro
Getty Images - Marco Di Lauro

The first recipe I'll be sharing is my Mom's Cherry Cobbler. It's a favorite in my family mostly because it's delicious but the main reason I choose it as the first to share, it's super easy to make.


1 box yellow cake mix

2 12oz cans of cherry pie filling

1 stick of butter

Medium mixing bowl

9x13 inch cake pan

Preheat the oven to 350. Then mix together the cake mix & butter in mixing bowl (on low if using a mixer) mixing till you get to a crumble.

Pour both cans on cherries into the cake pan. Then evenly spread cake crumble on top.

Place in the oven until golden brown. Depending on your oven 20 - 30mins.

And it's that simple! Seriously. This is one of those recipes that our family loves & my mom is always amazed because it just so simple. Enjoy!

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