Do you believe in paranormal activity, ghosts, and the like? My ex loved to watch ghost shows and its easy to go down the rabbit hole with it. Idaho is home to some of the most haunted places in the country and possibly in the world with our Old Penitentiary.

Well for one Meridian man things seemed to became paranormally active at his home. Idaho News Channel 2 broke the story last year of Brian Morrin, who is a CBS2 employee and his unexplainable video. He was playing guitar, doing a little jam session as he put it, with some friends of his over Facebook. His daughter Grace was also home with a couple of friends that she had over. The family also has two dogs. The daughter, her friends and both dogs were in Grace's room with the door shut while Brian was in completely different room. During the Facebook video jam session an unexplained black object comes into view from the right side of the screen. It is not like a tiny orb either, it has some mass to it.

That is just one out of hundreds if not thousands of paranormal happenings and experiences from the gem state. Keep scrolling for more...

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