Picture this: a cozy Boise evening, a street filled with fun and spooky Halloween decorations, and one house with a solitary, purple porch light. Now, you might wonder, what's so special about that purple light?

That purple porch light isn't just any light. It's a symbol, a beacon of hope, a call to action to draw awareness to domestic violence in Boise. Many in Boise and beyond have decided to swap their regular porch lights for purple ones to make a statement. You may know that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but it is also Domestic Violence Awareness Month. The purple porch lights are like a nod of solidarity. They tell survivors they're not alone and that we stand with them. Some folks will keep them lit year round.

But this isn't just about shining a light. It's about sparking conversations. You're strolling through your Boise neighborhood, you spot a purple porch light, and you might think, "Hey, why's that light purple?" And before you know it, you're chatting about the importance of supporting survivors and raising awareness.

If you are ever a victim or know someone who is a victim of domestic violence, Boise has two excellent resources. They are the Women and Children's Alliance and Faces of Hope.  Idaho's domestic violence numbers are rising rapidly along with the population, creating more need for resources such as safe housing for victims.

So, next time you see a purple porch light in Boise, remember it's not just about the color. It's about sending a message that we stand against domestic violence, and that's a message worth spreading, one porch light at a time.

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