I promise the weather will get warmer on a consistent basis and we will all want to spend our time outdoors adventuring. I'm not a meteorologist, but I'm basing this promise on what I've learned about seasons. While Mother Nature figures herself out, you can watch about it on TV.

Idaho, the Movie is an Emmy Award winning documentary described on IMDb by its producer, Jennifer Isenhart, as "Idaho's own "Planet Earth" style program. From the Sawtooths to the Tetons, from the big lakes of North Idaho to the deserts of the South-West, from unique landscapes like Craters of the Moon and Thousand Springs to Mesa and Shoshone Falls, to the rivers large and small - Idaho the Movie shares them all."

I love the outdoors but I also don't like going into things blind because anxiety. So a documentary like this is perfect for previewing what's in store out in the gem state wilderness. There's even a sequel aptly named Idaho The Movie 2, by the same crew in case you don't get enough Idaho from the first film. Both are available to stream on Amazon and are included with a Prime membership.

One viewer criticized that both films focus on southern Idaho with little mention of northern Idaho: "I know that all of our trees and rugged country up there can't hold a candle to your sand dunes and sugar beet fields down south but, come on, maybe you should spend more than just a morning getting video stock up here in the panhandle!" -jimgagin

Since I live in southern Idaho and am not trying do all of the driving, this is fine with me. I've got my weekend viewing plans set. Catch you at Shoshone Falls this summer.

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