Kreskin J. Torres also known as "the rideshare foodie" is on a food tour across the United States. This week his journey has taken him through the Gem State where he's been reviewing some of Idaho's most iconic food joints on his Instagram.

It didn't take long for Torres to realize that there's more in Idaho than just potatoes. His first stop in Idaho was at The Corndog Company in Pocatello which had craving even more Idaho Fair type food. While in Pocatello, Torres also stopped at Butterburr'sThe Bear PawCamas Grill, and the Yellowstone Restaurant. It was in Pocatello that he also discovered an Idaho staple: fry sauce. In fact, he made a separate review for fry sauce while at Artic Circle in Idaho Falls.

Torres indulged in another Idaho staple, Huckleberry "Potato" Ice Cream while in Blackfoot. There's no way we would've missed out on the Warhawk burger from Black Hawk BBQ pit while he was there. Speaking of burgers, the Scotty's Drive In in Idaho, Falls was added to this foodie's "must-go" list and St. Anthony Idaho Burger Grill got a great approval rating too!

Torres officially made it to Boise on Friday and will most likely be hanging around here for the next couple of days. He's always looking for recommendations if you have any - in fact, it's part of his whole strategy.

Working as an Uber and Lyft driver while funding his dream of exploring the country, Torres was always used to tourists asking him where to eat when hopping in hi car, so now he's asking the locals when he picks them up - where should HE go out to eat.

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