Now is the time to clean out the closet, and donate that stuff we don't wear and have been meaning to get rid of.

There's a shopping day scheduled for later this month, and the Pop-Up Thrift shop will ultimately help the Treasure Valley homeless population.

April Neale at the Interfaith Sanctuary tells us that the Pop-Up will be set up like an outdoor clothing store and guests from Interfaith Sanctuary can fill a shopping bag with sweaters, pants, new socks, winter hats, backpacks, hand bags, scarves, winter coats and more, all for free.

So they need our stuff!   We can donate things like hats, socks, blazers, long-sleeved shirts, shoes, belts, and accessories like handbags or backpacks.  Anything to help the homeless prep for the winter months would be great, like sweaters and heavy coats.

We can take our donations to the Interfaith Sanctuary administrative offices Monday through Thursday from 10-4 PM, at 3350 Americana Terrace Suite 320 in Boise.  They have to have the donations by Friday October 21, so they have time to sort and prep them.  And we'll get a tax receipt for the donation.

The Pop-Up Thrift Shop will open to the Interfaith Sanctuary guests on October 29th.

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