Don't Florida our Idaho! Things get a little heated over hot sauce at a Rexburg, Idaho Taco Bell. Rexburg Police had to mediate.

In a Taco Bell Drive Thru in Rexburg, Idaho, a man refused to leave without receiving extra hot sauce packets after the restaurant employees refused his request. There was already a line backed up behind him so the police were called. The police arrived and moved the man out of the drive thru, according to the Rexburg Standard Journal. In a statement from the police, an officer said "With Taco Bell, someone was making too big of a deal out of not getting their hot sauce. We have more important things to do".

Bottom line is, you can't just have a tantrum in a Taco Bell Drive Thru and hold up the line. Also, I've never not had enough sauce from Taco Bell, they're pretty generous so I don't know what this guy was trying to accomplish with some inordinate amount of Taco Bell hot sauce packets. Maybe he was trying to find the one that says "will you marry me?" on it so he can propose? Not sure, but a valuable lesson was learned by this guy Karen at Taco Bell.

There are several amazing options for hot sauce at pretty much every grocery store that exists, so holding up a drive thru line is hardly necessary, ya know? Anyway, just thought I'd share this story that was a bit Florida-esque that happened right here in our home of Idaho.

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