Ask any student of exotic dance, and they'll tell you the objectification of women has no place in pole dance. Today's "polers," as they're referred to, are desexualizing pole dance by redefining its meaning and place in pop and female culture.
Dance is a way of celebrating life. When I’m on the pole, all the worries go away. It helps me to live in the present and enjoy each second of my life. I am a pole dancer. I have the strength and courage to be myself! I have grown comfortable in, and proud of, my body. [I start] my day off right with coffee and pole. [...] I am a pole dancer because I fell in love with the feeling of freedom and empowerment. -WhatCaption?
Scroll on for a gallery featuring the Boise area's most respected and reputable pole dancing studios!
Photo by Cleyton Ewerton on Unsplash
Photo by Cleyton Ewerton on Unsplash

 💎 BEAUTIFUL BENEFITS of modern pole dance

A combo of dance and acrobatics centered on a vertical steel pole, modern pole dance, erotic or for sport, elevates a women mental and physical well-being.
For some polers, it's an endeavor to unearth and embrace the innate eroticism of their femaleness. For others, Lauren Carlton of the Columbia Chronicle notes the alluring dance aesthetic is a form of "self-expression that emphasizes self-awareness and viewing yourself as art."
Between Polepedia, LovePoleKisses, QueenOfHeartsFitness, and SuperFlyHoney, we narrowed down our top five favorite benefits of pole dancing.
💎 5 BEAUTIFUL BENEFITS OF POLE DANCE boise women need to know
  1. It redefines how you perceive & value yourself. Hello, confidence-booster!
  2. It's expressive! Unleash your inhibition, lower your stress levels, and fortify your mental stamina.
  3. It's fun fitness for anyone! Look forward to: accelerated weight-loss, core & overall strength gains, flexibility, & reduced joint pain!
  4. The fellowship is fabulous! It's a community of women, for women.
  5. It's an extraordinary just-for-you gift to yourself! Pole dance reminds you to celebrate yourself, your body, your ambition, & your singularity!

Scroll on for a gallery featuring the Boise area's most respected and reputable pole dancing studios!

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😍 Feel Strong & Beautiful with Exotic Pole Dance Lessons in Boise [pics + studios]

💗 Beautiful Benefits of Pole Dance

💎 Buff Babes. Like yoga or Pilates, pole dance is a total-body exercise that builds strength, endurance, and flexibility.

💎 Confident Babes. Referred to as "polers," students of pole dance tend to develop and connect with their confidence on a level they never thought possible.

💎 Hot Babes. Sooner or later, mature & fabulous women learn sexy is a state of mind. Regardless of your size, shape, or experience level, polers define and own their brand of sexy. As fringe benefits are concerned, we find this one incredibly compelling!

Scroll on for a gallery featuring the Boise area's most respected and reputable pole dancing studios!

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