This is not my dog but I call him my goddog and I am lucky to borrow and hang out with him quite a bit. This is Martin AKA Marty Mcfly and he would love your vote to be one of the fly dogs of the year.

The Fly Fishing Film Tour travels around the country and shows awesome fishing films, promotion of conservation and more. They were taking submission on fly fishing dogs. So I decided to submit Marty Mcfly, the 4-year-old border collie that I fell in love with when I was on a fishing trip in Northern Idaho. His owner is a fishing friend of mine and lets me borrow him from time to time.

Well Marty has made it into the finals for the FlyDogs of the Year with F3T. He would love your vote and you can vote once per day. He may not be the best at staying out of your way but he loves you and just wants to watch the fly line go back and forth. He's a great alert for animals.


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