"How can you tell if someone is vegan?...They'll tell you as soon as they meet you." Hahaha, vegans love to tell you that they're vegan. I've heard that joke so many times. But honestly, we have to make it known or we're left with empty plates answering a ton of questions when we don't eat whatever is brought into the office and then we look rude. Better to get it out of the way.

It can be really easy to include vegan options when ordering lunch for the office. Especially in Boise, as it ranks 7th out of 100 largest cities in vegan friendliness. Assuming bread and salad are sufficient options as an entire meal is careless. Being vegan shouldn't imply boring and tasteless. I'm clearly indulging in rich food as evidenced by my body.

Local Restaurants:

Even Stevens Sandwiches- Hummazing Vegan Sandwich, The New Morrissey Burrito

Bombay Grill- Vegetable Samosas, Vegetable Pakoras, Pappadam, Kachumber Salad, Mulligatowny Soup, Dal Soup, Tomato Soup, Alu Gobi Masala, Channa Masala, Dhal-Makhi, Dhal-Tadka, Alu Matar, Bhindi Masala, Bayngan Bhartha, Veggie-Jalfarezi, Roti

Guru Donuts- Yeast Raised, Vanilla Bean Cake Donut, Impossible Donut, The O.G., Sea Salt Chocolate Bar, Hipsterberry, Apple Fritter, Alice in Wonderland, Cinnamon Sugar Twist, Girl Scout, Poison Apple, Pumpkin Swirl, PB&J

Fast Food:

Del Taco-  Epic Beyond Original Mex Burrito, Beyond Avocado Taco, Avocado Veggie Bowl, Crinkle Cut Fries, Hash Brown Sticks

Carl's Jr.- Beyond Famous Star (no cheese, no mayo), Hash Brown Nuggets, French Fries, CrissCut Fries, Chips & Guacamole

Burger King- Oatmeal, Impossible Whopper, French Fries, Hash Browns, French Toast Sticks, Apple Pie, PB&J Jamwich

Not grabbing food from any of these places? A vegan is usually well versed on where they can procure vegan meals. Simply ask. They'll appreciate the consideration more than you know. If all else fails, HappyCow is an excellent resource to finding vegan options in town.


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