Summer is in full swing and it's time to enjoy some great weather and travel. So while all the Californias are flocking here I will be heading there.

So any advice on what to see in this area? I am not in L.A very long, I have been there and lived there for a few months when I was young. So much in California to see. I am trying to stay on the beach, although California offers great mountains we have better in this area in my opinion.

So I am going to Huntington Beach, Ventura and Maybe Carmel oh and Big Sur for sure! I am visiting the Channel Islands too which I am excited for. Where in California have you been or do you reccomend?

I wanted to try surfing but I am not sure I will have time. We poke fun at Californians a lot but the state is really great and offers a ton for an adventure person like myself. Also any food recommendations highly recommended.

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