A Big Mac bun for a chicken sandwich?  Why not?  There's a new build-your-own-sandwich machine coming next year to 2000 McDonalds stores across the US.  

"Create Your Taste" kiosks will roll out next year.  For chicken sandwiches and burgers you'll be able to pick everything from the bun to the toppings - like barbecue sauce or chili-lime tortilla strips.  No more picking off the pickles if you don't want them.  Just replace those with tortilla strips when you order.

This next part cracked me up.  McDonald's says it takes about seven minutes to receive a sandwich, which can be an eternity in the fast food world.  But it thinks the millennial generation is cool with it as long they get to "deal with a computer" instead of having an "interaction with another human being." Ha ha!  Seriously.  We do love our screens.  I still love people more.

Think other restaurants will follow suit?  Usually you can tell the server to have the kitchen hold the mayo and they will.  But I think the larger point is that we live in an on-demand world, and more companies are starting to take notice and let us pick and choose what we want.  We wouldn't let anyone load our iPods, so why let someone load our sandwiches?   It seems that's the thinking here.  But is anyone else totally tired of making decisions?  The old school way of ordering sandwiches sure did make it simpler.

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