Boise, Idaho made national headlines this morning and not for the best reasons. On Tuesday, the Central District Health board met to discuss and vote on a revised public health order. However only 15 minutes into the meeting it came to an abrupt end.

Anti-mask protests were not only happening outside of the health department building but also outside of some health officials’ homes including Ada County Commissioner, Diana Lachiondo. Fighting back tears, Lachiondo interrupted the meeting to say, "My 12-year-old son is home by himself right now and there are protesters banging outside the door. I'm gonna go home and make sure he's okay."

Shortly after, the meeting was called off by Boise Mayor Lauren McLean and the Boise Police Department as intense protests were threatening public safety. 

The police department said in a news release, that "Investigators have identified some of the people involved and are securing warrants for their arrest on charges of disturbing the peace in the neighborhood,"

Mayor McLean spoke out on Twitter after Tuesday night's events conspired saying, "we will hold offenders accountable." She continued, "No child should be frightened by a mob of protestors, no local official should fear violence for their public service.

Gov. Brad Little denounced protesters on Twitter as well. "The actions of protestors at the private residences of public officials is reprehensible," He added, "It is nothing more than a bullying tactic that seeks to silence. Our right to free speech should not be used to intimidate and scare others."

Meanwhile, a petition is being shared around to make private homes off limits to protesters. It was created by AK Wood, a former city planner, who says "the solution is simple: protect people. Specific ordinances must be adopted to protect public servants and their private residences. This was a blatant intrusion of privacy." The petition currently has 424 signatures as of Wednesday afternoon with the goal of 500 signatures.

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