Christmas movies are all the rage right now because holiday season, duh. Hallmark Channel has been airing them since November. HMC is the go-to for holiday movies every year. So far 36 million people have already ingested their cookie cutter Christmas content, myself included. In recent years, however, Lifetime has stepped up its game to get their piece of the holiday genre pie.

While Hallmark Channel stays in the G rated lane, Lifetime ventures into the not so squeaky clean. It doesn't shy away from hookup culture, racy jokes, and the occasional FCC approved curse word. Evidently viewers like what they see, as the channel continues to score big ratings this time of year. Now Lifetime is taking things to another level with its latest creation, a mini movie with a sexy Colonel Sanders.

Yes, that Colonel Sanders. Mario Lopez stars as Harland Sanders, a new chef in town who plans to change the world with his "secret recipe."  He crosses paths with an heiress whose mother has already chosen her a suitor (what year is this?), and of course they begin to fall in love against the wishes of the evil mother. How will it end? I'm pretty sure we all know, but I'm not going to miss A Recipe for Seduction (Seriously, who came up with this?).

So what does this have to do with Christmas? Mario Lopez is starring in an actual holiday movie called Feliz NaviDAD that will air after A Recipe for Seduction. Mark your calendars for Sunday, December 13th at noon so you can see Colonel Sanders as the zaddy you never knew you wanted and check out the trailer below.



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