Medical leaders are urging for change within the community as they say their health group systems are “weeks away from crisis care standards, or rationing of medical care based on need.” The Central District Health Board was set to vote on a new public health order for Ada, Boise, Elmore and Valley counties last Friday. However a vote did not take place and was rescheduled for Tuesday, Dec. 8. after the board decided to make some changes to the order.

Board member Russ Duke recommended that more time should be spent by the board reviewing the health order and that the public should also have time to look at it too.
After the meeting on Friday the board made revisions to the proposed draft of the public health order and published it over the weekend. On Tuesday Tuesday, December 8 at 5:15 p.m, the board will vote.

Major changes of the revised public health order include sports being allowed to continue, more face-covering exemptions, people will still be able to visit long-term care facilities with requirements, and bar top seating is allowed with a barrier. The original health order stated that all bar tops must be closed and organized adult and youth sports would not be allowed when physical distancing of six feet was not possible.

Before the meeting began on Friday, according to KTVB, a group of people protesting the public health order gathered outside. Shortly after the meeting started, it was reported that a group of protesters tried to force their way into the building.

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