Do you remember the siege on the Weaver Compound in Northern Idaho in 1992? The infamous story of Randy Weaver and the 11-day standoff with the United States Government is seeing new life with a new documentary this week. 

What is it that we still don't know about this event that captured the attention of the entire Country? PBS will be airing a new documentary Tuesday, Feb 14th giving new in sites to the events that lead to the death of Randy Weavers Wife and young son. Don't remember anything about it? Here are the first 9 Minutes of Ruby Ridge: American Experience.

I remember watching the news every night during this event and couldn't believe seeing the tanks and military vehicles and thinking my gosh they are going to shoot that place to pieces. If you can't watch it on Tuesday, because it is Valentines Day, set the DVR or catch it as it plays again on PBS Channel (50.1) 


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