The PBS Show is here today!  Read the details here.

How would one describe one of Public Broadcasting's most popular shows involving people and their trash and perspective treasure? It is a show that continues to grow viewers not only for the people involved but also for what they bring to have appraised or reviewed.  

No the Pawn Stars or Hardcore Pawn are not coming to the Treasure Valley.  However, the show coming to our area is bigger than both of those two shows combined.  This show will tape a must-see episode in Boise this May. If you guessed the ever-popular Antiques Road Show, then you'd be correct.  

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KTVB reports that the show will be here taping an episode on May 31st at the Idaho Botanical Gardens. The show is in its 27th Season and will take the show on the road to five cities throughout the country. The four other cities are Nashville, Tennessee, Woodside, California, Sante Fe, New Mexico, and Shelburne, Vermont.  

According to a release from PBS, the show will follow all Covid protocols at the tapings. The appraisals will take place outdoors to make sure everyone involved is safe. 'At each appraisal event guests will receive free verbal evaluations of their antiques and collectibles from experts from the country's leading auction houses and independent dealers. Each ticketed guest is invited to bring two items for appraisal.'

Here's a link to get more information. Antiques Road Show is PBS's most-watched Summer series and has been Emmy nominated 19 times. Each taping will take three days in each city. For more information about the history of the show, you can click here.  For information on past appraisers on the show, you can click here.  

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