Kate and I had a conversation last year about passwords and how easy it is for some people to steal information or hack into accounts because we are so dumb when it comes to choosing passwords to protect us.  Apparently no one was listening.



A company called SplashData just released their annual list of the most common passwords based on more than 3.3 million passwords that were leaked last year.

And once again, it's SHOCKING that in this day and age, people trust the safety of their email, bank accounts, and their Netflix queues to passwords like these.

The most common password last year was . . . 123456.  The second-most common was the word "password."  SplashData started doing this study in 2011, and "123456" and "password" have been the top two passwords EVERY SINGLE YEAR.  What is wrong with people?

Need proof of some of the idiots out there?  Here are the top 10 most common passwords from last year :  123456, password, 12345, 12345678, qwerty, 123456789, 1234, baseball, dragon, and football.  Do you notice an idiotic trend here?

Come on People!!!  We can do better.   Take a look at the top 25 passwords last year and suffice it to say, that if it appears on the list and you are still using it as your password, you are an idiot.  Or at the very least you are very susceptible to somebody stealing your info.

(You can see the top 25 here, including a new entry in 21st place:  696969.)

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