Pets are adorable. That's their nature. And I mean all pets. The fact they they are animals makes them cute AF. But what makes them even cuter? Adorable accessories and clothes. I know not everyone agrees, but I assume those people hate joy. I mean, how can you not enjoy a scarf on a wiener dog?! Unless your pet hates it, I say dress them up however cutie way you like. And so does Critter Harmony, an upcycled pet boutique based in Boise.

Critter Harmony details on their Etsy shop, "Our passion will always be spoiling your pets in a sustainable fashion. We go above and beyond boring awkward tie on or over the collar bandanas. Our scarves keep your pup warm and are super adorable 😍 Our unique interactive dog toys encourage a stronger bond between you and your pet, and help with training! Our webbing products are made in USA, high quality and offer peace of mind for keeping your pet safe. We do custom easy on harnesses for cats and dogs, just send us a message to order!"

That's a lot to take in, but it all sounds amazing, right? Their review average on Etsy out of 509 reviews is 5 stars. The bandanas and harnesses seem to be a favorite.

Though purchasing is usually only online, Ochos Wine Bar will feature them as a vendor from 5pm- 9pm on Thursday, so you can get your paws on their merch in person. Pun intended. And purchases from Critter Harmony benefit the Lake Lowell Animal Rescue.

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