It was like the good ole days; people, music, the outdoors. Only one sort of embarrassing thing happened but I'll get over it.

Last night was Tuesdays on the Creek at Indian Creek Plaza in Downtown Caldwell. It was so nice to be outside, there were people (plenty of room of course) there was live music and tons of shopping at the farmer's market. We bought some coffee, some coffee soap, my fiance bought some mushrooms (legal).

This was the first time I really had drank in a couple of months so I drank two beers and I was buzzed, which is kind of embarrassing. Then we went over to Yardhouse at the Village for dinner and decided to sit outside when it starts raining OUT OF NOWHERE.

Anyway, point here is it was a Tuesday night out, first in a long time, and it was great to feel normal again, even if I did get buzzed off of two beers.

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