Mike and Nicole please help me.

I have been married to my husband for almost 16 years now. We have 4 children and have been through everything together. We are truly each other’s best friends. My husband is a contractor and ever since 2007 things have been very rough for our family. Our oldest is 15 and our youngest is 6. We have struggled to make ends meet over the last 6 years. I took a second job at night and that seemed to help but I was away from the family so much. 4 months ago my husband told me to quit my second job. He said business was picking up for his company and that work was steady again. He wanted me home at 5PM with the kids and him. Of course I immediately gave my 2 weeks and have been home every night with my family. This is the first holiday in 2 years that I have been able to spend time with my family and it is so special to me. And my husband was right, the money situation didn’t get any worse with me quitting. Actually it improved. I have been able to relax a little this past month. I figured it was my husband’s work that was bringing in this extra money. I was wrong. I recently discovered that my husband has been taking things from his job and selling them on internet. I can’t tell you how I found this out. It possibly could incriminate my husband and myself. I am sick to my stomach about this. I can’t believe he would do such a thing. It goes against everything that we teach our children. It goes against our morals as a couple and who we are in our core! I feel so much guilt because I feel like he did this for me. He did this so I could be home with our family. He must have done this as a last resort. He must have felt there was no other option. I have not confronted him yet. I don’t know what to do. It is tearing me up inside. When I do confront him, the only option to make all this right is to come clean to his employer and the police. How can I send my husband to jail? This is theft and probably grand theft! I looked it up. But I can’t turn a blind eye. The guilt would eat me up. God would know. I would know. I will never forget. What should I do? How is there a way out of this without my husband serving time and destroying our family?

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