If you have babies, did you breast feed?  I did it for ten months and by the end I was plum worn out.  It was a great bonding experience and I loved that part of it, but it was hard on a girl's body too.

One woman has set a new record for the amount of breast milk pumped, and the total is pretty unbelievable!

A Denton, Texas mother shattered the world record by donating 414 gallons of breast milk.  Gallons!  We're not talking about the pint-sized bags that you store the breast milk in, but instead these are big milk jug-sized containers that she came up with.  Maybe it was exhausting, but think about all the calories she burned.  Wow!  She averaged 130 ounces per day.

I'm always inspired by the great feats of other women, and now I can add this one to the list.

And who knew they kept track of world records for breast milk?  Now we know.

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