That's all I can say about opening day at Kiwi Shake and Bake in downtown Boise.

Hundreds if not thousands strolled through the downtown streets to get their first taste of what owner Chris described as New Zealand's best pies; all under sunny skies with a light breeze flowing through the open air warehouse setting.

The meat-pie (Steak, Cheese and Mushroom) was buttery and flaky; filling but not overwhelming. We have to be honest, we thought the price might have been a little high when we saw the portion size, but after noticing the rich taste and dense nature of the pie, we were more than satisfied.

Funny enough, our order of "chips" aka french fires, came along with fry sauce! Score!

"What's that?," I asked.

"Oh, that's just fry sauce. You have to here," the waitress responded.

The condiment accessories weren't Kiwi's only unique notes of attention to detail.

"We brought over one New Zeaand's finest Chef's," Chris said. "All of our people received first hand training from the top-of-the-line."

We sat outside, gazing on the intersection of 8th and River with plenty of room to stretch our legs even as the Boise Chamber of Commerce gathered in masses to celebrate Kiwi's opening ribbon cutting.

Chris gave a humbling speech about how Kiwi Shake & Bake represents his own version of what we may call the american dream.

"We've been thinking about this a long time, and we knew when we found this place the time was come and the time was now," he told the crowd outside.

We can't wait to go again next time and stay for a while. Enjoy one of the many good beers on tap and hang out for a while. It seems like the kind of place you can do that.




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