As many of you know I lost my dad last week as he is now flying with the Angels in Heaven. My dad was battling many health issues and had been for a long time so I try to remember that he is no longer in pain and now gets to reconnect with his parents.

One thing you have to know about my dad is he is a prankster, if he has the opportunity to pull a fast one he didn't waste the chance. So, after getting the devastating news Savannah and I started packing our bags to join the rest of the family in Seattle to help make the funeral plans and just grieve as a family.

Although before we even started the trip, my dad got me one final time. As we are loading suitcases into our truck we noticed that water had started leaking from our Hot Water Heater. Yep, sure enough on his way to Heaven dad stopped by (probably gave me a hug) and kicked the Water Heater. Just one final prank before starting his cribbage games with Papa Jenkins in Heaven.

Love you Dad, you got me good one final time. And thankfully I will be able to get a hot shower tonight after the new water heater gets swapped out. Oh pops, you never stop with the pranks and the jokes.

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