Learn how to pole vault from the best which just so happens to be right here in Boise. After retiring from competition in 2009, Olympic Gold Medalist Stacy Dragila has become a pole vault instructor and runs a world-class indoor training facility out of Garden City. In addition to her year-round instructing, Dargila is also known for her training camps. Two rounds of summer camp have just been announced and now is the time to get registered.

There is a boys camp and a girls camp, both running in late June and mid July. There are also commuter options as well. The camps are open to vaulters age 12 and up from beginners to advanced groups. It is expected that ambitious vaulters will travel from all over to attend Dragila's camps and learn from the Olympion champ herself at her indoor world-class facility.

Dragila Vault Camps are considered to be an investment with registration costing $1,000 for in-house training but vaulters will definitely get the most bang for their buck.

Vaulters who attend the summers camps can expect to gain in-depth vaulting experience such as short-run and long-run approaches, real-time-on-track video review analysis, detailed drill work and acceleration testing. Classroom sessions are also included where participants will develop tools to implement year-long training programs and also learn about sports psychology and college recruitment.

There is no registration deadline listed however according to Dragila, spots are filling up quick! For more information and to register visit www.dragilavaultcamps.com. You can call 707-310-3087 with any questions or email stacydragila@gmail.com.

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