It's not often that you open a Christmas gift, play with it, and get fined for doing it.  But that could happen this year as this thing gets more popular.

Drones aren't as popular as smart phones or anything, but we do see more of them than we used to.  Even at the county fair in Nebraska when I went to visit family over the summer, there was a drone flying overhead.  It belonged to a local insurance salesman who just wanted to have some fun spying on us while we rode roller coasters and shoveled in cotton candy.

They're pretty easy to get now, and they don't cost a fortune.  Some of the cheapest ones are under a hundred bucks on Amazon, but others can run between $500 and $1000.  The most expensive ones are around $3500.

On Monday, the FAA started requiring that drones be registered for a $5 fee that's refunded if you register before January 20th.  If you don't register the drone you can be fined, and CNBC says the fines could reach $27,000.  Ouch!!

And uncle Larry thought he was getting you such a great gift for Christmas.  Maybe he'll share in the fine?  Heads up.

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