Normally when you look up to the foothills sheep are not what you would expect to see. For the next 10 to 14 days though, that is exactly what you will see.

We aren't talking like a sea of white, but the normally uncovered hills will now experience the grazing of close to 2,500 ewes and their little lambs. They make their annual trip through the Boise Foothills on their way to the high country.

Spring Arrives Early At Cornwall Park - Auckland
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The sheep flock make their way from the Jim Hall Foothills Learning Center.  Of course all of this is for a purpose. The sheep will graze along the land eating and taking out insects, weeds and cheatgrass.

So as you make it through the popular trails of Hulls Gultch, Red Cliffs and Crestline don't be surprised if you cross paths with some of these furry hikers. - JD

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