Before the sun rose this morning, one woman lost her life in an officer-involved shooting. Here's what happened. 

Shortly after 6 a.m. at North Clover Dr. and West State Street police responded to reports of a suspicious person knocking on doors.

When the woman in question was found, she was sitting in a car and she pointed a gun at the officers. Following police protocol, they fired back and the woman was killed.

According to a report on KTVB that details the incident, the identity of the suspect has not yet been released and although there was more than one officer on the scene, the identity of the officer who shot the woman has not been released.

Any time anything like this happens, it's a tragedy in every sense of the word. Who knows what the background is. Why this woman was knocking on doors, why she decided to point a gun at the police? We'll let you know if answers unfold in the days to come, but for now please keep everyone involved in this situation in your thoughts and prayers.

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