In the novel, a dead body is discovered at an abandoned construction site and it turns out to be a former police officer.  Then they discover that the blood loss isn't just his, but part of it belongs to a missing woman too.  And then the plot thickens!  Light a candle and call the babysitter, cuz we might need some time alone with this one.

Wanna meet the author?  She'll be in Boise next week.

Karin Slaughter had lots of success last year with the book, Pretty Girls, and she's back this year with a new novel called, The Kept Woman.

In The Kept Woman, Detective Will Trent is back from the Will Trent series, and in this one he's doing more than just investigating the murder.  As the story unravels, his troubled past gets tangled up with the details of the murder investigation and all heck breaks loose in his personal life.  It sounds juicy and suspenseful, and perfect for a single lady at home on a Saturday night when she needs a break from Tinder.

Here are the details on the Boise appearance for author, Karin Slaughter.



Boise Public Library

715 S. Capitol Blvd.

Boise, ID 83702

You can meet the author at this event, ask questions and tell her how much she improves your lonely weekends, and get some new pics for your social media pages.  She's an international best-seller, with more than 35 million books in print around the globe.

The weather is still pretty mild, but this sounds like a great book for those cold Boise winter nights when we need to stay home and sit by the fire.  The only question is, actual book or e-book?

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