Boise Author May Get His Own Netflix Series
The book is a Pulitzer Prize winner, a National Book Award finalist, and it spent over two and a half years on the New York Times bestseller list. If that's not enough, it looks like the Boise author has a Netflix series in the works too.
'Idaho' Author Plans an Appearance at Boise State
Several things that we might consider "unthinkable acts of violence," have made the news lately and unfortunately they're still top-of-mind. Idaho author, Emily Ruskovich, has written a book called "Idaho," and an incredible act of violence is the centerpiece. She's p…
Novelist Will Bring Her Murder-Mystery to Boise
In the novel, a dead body is discovered at an abandoned construction site and it turns out to be a former police officer.  Then they discover that the blood loss isn't just his, but part of it belongs to a missing woman too.  And then the plot thickens!  Light a candle and call the babysitter, cuz w…
Top Summer Books To Get Your Reading On
There's nothing better than sitting at the pool or on the patio on a nice summer day with a ice cold beverage and a great book in hand.
I actually enjoy the real deal books as opposed to the Kindle or Tablet option. There is something satisfying about the actual ink and paper, and turning the pa…