You probably heard about the "North Carolina bathroom bill" that has caused a number of concerts, sporting events, and conventions to cancel.  Now, Boise and Idaho are benefitting. 

Once that North Carolina bill was made law, the Council of State and Territorial Epidemiologists determined they would not be holding their annual event as scheduled in  North Carolina.  They looked at Atlanta, Washington D.C., and Boise, and they have determined the Treasure Valley will be home for this year's conference.

This specific event is expected to bring at least 1400 visitors to Boise between June 4th and 8th.  The influx of dollars is expected to be $2.54 million dollars.  Thank you North Carolina.

With our new hotels, restaurants, and expanded convention space, Boise is increasing it's appeal for events currently held across the country.

For more on this specific event and how it came to choose Boise, just click HERE.

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