Family picture time usually stresses me out, especially with a two year old. I worry about how long it will take to get at least ONE good shot...and will he stay interested long enough to get it. We finally had some fall photos taken and our photographer, Lisa Jordan, was AMAZING!!!

Lisa is the official house photographer for Century Link Arena and she's taken thousands of photos at our Boise Music Festival. She's even been patient enough to shoot our Mix 106 staff photos. I figured if she could handle Mike and all of his high maintenance needs, she could create magic with my toddler!

Lisa kept Cooper interested and happy while capturing SO many great shots! I couldn't believe how easy she made it look and now I have choices when I send out holiday pictures to our family!

I can't say enough wonderful things about Lisa and her talents! The only thing I can say is, book her early or you'll miss out!

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