It was just days ago that MacKenzie Scott donated ten million dollars to the Treasure Valley Family YMCA, a gift that will undoubtedly benefit the community in a big way. Naturally the announcement garnered a lot of attention. It is a big deal. A new blog in town is hoping to bring attention to local heroes dedicating their time to making a difference in Idaho.

Though early in its inception, What's Your Why Idaho is up and running. In their own words, "What's Your Why is created on the foundation of local heroes. Our premise is to offer Idaho residents an in-depth and personal understanding of those working to make their surrounding communities a better place. What’s Your Why Idaho will showcase unique and charitable acts of service between non-profits, local businesses, and fundraisers."

I first learned of the site at the 12 Days of ChristMIX Toy Drive when the team of Geico Treasure Valley rolled through to donate toys and bikes. As the corporate sponsor of What's Your Why Idaho, Toy Drive caught their eye and they shared with me the vision and purpose for the website. Right now you can read their first story about Carlyn Blake, the Development Manager for The Idaho Foodbank. Also included in the blog are several links for ways you can get involved in serving the community.

Follow them on Instagram (@whatsyourwhy_idaho) to stay updated. You can also email them at if you or someone you know has a nonprofit organization that deserves a spotlight.

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